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As part of its commitment to provide non-judgemental and empowering support to women and their families, Gladstone Women’s Health is the proud facilitator of the LEAP Project. Funded through the generosity of the GAPDL Gladstone Region Communities for Children, the LEAP Project brings together parenting resources throughout the Gladstone region.

We encourage all parents, carers and professionals to contact Gladstone Women’s Health Centre to learn more about which programs would best suit their needs.

Puberty Clues

This workshop is one of our most successful programs. Designed for mum / carers and daughters in grades 5 – 7, Puberty Clues is a workshop on puberty and menstruation for the family to attend together. During the 2 ½ hour workshop we look at:

  • What is puberty?
  • The physical and emotional changes during puberty of both males and females
  • The reproductive system
  • The menstrual cycle and myths around menstruation
  • Sanitary protection
  • Validating mothers’ experience and knowledge
  • Questions and answers

Call the centre for more information or to register your interest for upcoming courses: 4979 1456 OR Book online under our Events Calendar

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Counselling provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment for you to discuss your emotions, feelings, needs and experiences, as well as exploring your strengths and abilities.

Sessions are by appointment and free of charge. Please try to give us at least one working day for cancellations.

To book or for more information please call the centre at 4979 1456

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