About our Quick Exit button

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We understand that sensitive topics or seeking help can sometimes be difficult or even dangerous, especially in situations where your safety might be compromised. We’ve implemented the Quick Exit button on our website, designed to provide an immediate and discreet way for you to leave our website if needed, and help keep you safe while browsing the Gladstone Woman's Health website.

When you click the Quick Exit button, Google will open in a new tab, and our website will be replaced with an Australian weather website (Elders Weather).

Important: This feature does not hide the website from your browser history.

More safe browsing tips

  1. If you think your devices or internet search activities are being monitored, access this information from a device and/or internet connection that is not being monitored. That should be a device (phone, computer) that the person does not or has not had physical or remote access to. This is the safest thing to do if you want to keep your activity private. Try your local public library or a trusted friend.
  2. Disable your browser history, or use Incognito/privacy mode in your browser to reduce the history that gets saved for your session.
  3. Clear your browser history when you are done browsing.